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The Administrative Hearings Division is a component of the Office of Civil and Environmental Law (KRS 15.010). Under KRS 15.111, the Division is tasked with maintaining a pool of hearing officers for conducting administrative hearings for government boards and agencies. It also provides and certifies training programs that enable individuals to become, and remain, hearing officers.

The Division’s Hearing Officers conduct administrative hearings for over 60 state agencies and boards in Kentucky. The Division also offers mediation services to government agencies and boards, which can provide a cost-effective means of resolving disputes without the cost of formal administrative proceedings.

For more information about:

•  Qualifications for current and new hearing officers, obtaining the required initial hearing officer training, and reporting completion of initial training, click here.

• Providing hearing officer education, including requesting approval from the Administrative Hearings Division for your hearing officer education course, as satisfying the initial training or continuing education requirements, please contact the Division by email to Be sure to include a description of the course content, course length, and information on the instructor’s qualifications. Please also attach a copy of any written materials to be provided to participants.


Administrative Hearings Division
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