Kentucky Multidisciplinary Commission on Child Sexual Abuse

​​​​​​​​The Kentucky Multidisciplinary Commission on Child Sexual Abuse works to ensure that every instance of child sexual abuse in the Commonwealth is investigated using a multidisciplinary approach. The Commission serves as statewide support to local multidisciplinary teams (MDTs). Per KRS 431.600(1), “Each investigation of reported or suspected sexual abuse of a child shall be conducted by a specialized multidisciplinary team . . . ” Local MDTs are groups of local professionals who work together in a coordinated and collaborative manner to ensure an effective response to child sexual abuse.

There are many advantages to utilizing an MDT approach to the investigation of child sexual abuse allegations. Through the use of local MDTs, local professionals can coordinate investigations to result in better outcomes in the court system. Collaboration among local MDT members provides for more immediate and long-term safety and security for the child. Additionally, utilizing the MDT approach provides a holistic, trauma-informed support system to assist the child in the healing process. When local MDTs function as intended, regular meetings provide the opportunity for accountability and can reduce the trauma of unnecessarily interviewing the child multiple times.

Local MDTs are required to develop a protocol for the operation of their team and get it approved by the Commission. The Commission has drafted a model protocol and accompanying template outlining best practices for local MDTs. Teams should submit signed new or revised protocols to for consideration.

Commission Meetings

Unless otherwise indicated, all Commission meetings are held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Office of the Attorney General located at 1024 Capital Center Drive, Suite 200, in Frankfort.​

​Tuesday, September 14, 2021                  Video Teleconferencing                                    agenda    minutes​​
​Tuesday, November 9, 2021                     Video Teleconferencing                                   agenda     minutes​​
​Tuesday, February 22, 2022                      Video Teleconferencing                                   agenda    minutes​​
​Tuesday, April 26, 2022                              Video Teleconferencing                                   agenda​​​   minutes
​Tuesday, June 28, 2022                             Video Teleconferencing                                   agenda   minutes​
​Tuesday, August 23, 2022                     Cancelled ​
​Tuesday, October 25, 2022                   Video Teleconferencing                                     agenda

​Tuesday, December 6, 2022                Cancelled

​Tuesday, March 7, 2023                         Video Teleconferencing                                    agenda

​Tuesday, April 11​, 2023                             Video Teleconferencing                                    agenda​

​Tuesday, June 5, 2023                             Cancelled                                                             agenda
​Monday, June 12, 2023                            Special Meeting                                                 agenda​
                                                                          Video Teleconferencing                                  minutes​
​Tuesday, August 8, 2023                          Video Teleconferencing                                 agenda​

Tuesday, October 10, 2023                     Video Teleconferencing                                 agenda​
Tuesday, December 5, 2023                  Video Teleconferencing                                 agenda

​Tuesday, February 13, 2023               Video Teleconferencing               Agenda​