Electronic Service of Process

How to Serve the Commonwealth and its Agencies

Under Kentucky Civil Rule 4.04(6), any civil complaint filed against the Commonwealth of Kentucky or one of its agencies must be served upon the Kentucky Attorney General. 

To promote efficiency, beginning October 1, 2020, the Attorney General will accept service of process on behalf of the Commonwealth and its agencies during normal business hours (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) on business days at ServetheCommonwealth@ky.gov.

To make an electronic submission, attach PDF copies of the civil complaint (with all exhibits) as well as the accompanying summonses to your email. See Rule 4.04. 

Emails should clearly indicate that the purpose is to effect service of process via email by using the subject line, “Service of civil complaint upon [insert name of agency].” If you are attempting to serve the Commonwealth or one or more of its agencies or officers, please confirm that your email contained the entirety of your complaint and the necessary summonses.

In addition to accepting service of civil complaints at this address, the Attorney General also accepts any filing or notice challenging the constitutional validity of a statute, as required under KRS 418.075. To serve such notice electronically, you must attach a PDF copy of the filing (and all exhibits). Emails should clearly indicate that the purpose is to challenge the constitutionality of a Kentucky statute by using the subject line, “Service of notice of constitutional challenge to KRS [insert number].”

The Office of the Attorney General reserves the right to refuse service by this method if you have failed to attach a complete copy of the complaint and accompanying summonses, or a copy of the complete filing challenging the validity of a statute. 

After we have reviewed the documents submitted, you will receive a message acknowledging receipt of the documents to confirm delivery of the required documents, acceptance of service of process, and the date on which service was accepted by electronic means. If you have any questions, you may call 502-696-5434.

Electronic Service of Process

Submit civil complaints filed against the Commonwealth and any filing or any notice challenging the constitutional validity of a statute by emailing ServetheCommonwealth@ky.gov.