Kentucky 'No Call' Law

Kentucky's Telemarketing No Call law allows Kentuckians to reduce the number of unwanted telemarketing calls invading the privacy of their homes, with some exceptions. To be protected by the law you must sign up your home and/or wireless telephone number(s) on the National Do Not Call Registry. Signing up on the National Do Not Call Registry is FAST, EASY and it is a FREE service to Kentuckians. As of 2007, Kentucky's No Call List is maintained as part of the National Do Not Call Registry. Once you have signed up your home and/or wireless telephone number, you will remain on the No Call list until your phone number is disconnected and reassigned, or until you ask for your number to be removed.

Kentuckians on the No Call list who receive unwanted telemarketing calls can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC.) If you have received an unwanted call after 31 days of being listed on the National Registry please report this call to the FTC

Will I get any telemarketing calls if I'm on the 'No Call' list?

The law allows certain telemarketers to continue to call consumers on the No Call list. The exceptions include calls from:

  • Telemarketers who have a prior or existing business relationship with you.
  • Telemarketers who have received an express request from you to call.
  • Telemarketers with whom you have an existing debt or contract.
  • Telemarketers soliciting only donations for charities.
  • Telemarketers who call your business.
  • Political calls and telephone surveys or polls.

What is done with the information I provide for the list?

The information provided is kept confidential and used only to compile the No Call list. The only information on the list is your home telephone number. Only your telephone number will be provided to telemarketers to prevent them from calling you. It is a crime for anyone to use your information for any reason other than preventing unwanted telemarketing calls.

Does Kentucky's No Call law apply to businesses located outside Kentucky?

Yes. The law applies to all telephone solicitations that are placed on Kentucky residential or wireless telephone numbers on the Kentucky No Call list regardless of origin.