Outline of the Open Records/Open Meetings Laws

This outline contains a summary of the laws pertaining to Kentucky's Open Records and Open Meetings Acts, and how those laws have been interpreted by the Attorney General and the courts. The Attorney General provides the outline to assist public officials and others in complying with these laws. Although the outline contains references to specific cases and decisions regarding the application of the Open Records and Open Meetings Acts to particular situations, the reader should be aware that requests for public records, and complaints about public meetings, must be evaluated on a case by case basis, and that the authorities cited are not necessarily dispositive of a particular request or complaint. In addition, while the authorities cited are current as of May, 2003, the outline does not reflect any subsequent legislative or judicial changes in the law.

The booklet was published by the Attorney General in 1990 and updated in 2006. It is designed to assist in legal research of open records and open meetings issues.

The Kentucky Open Records & Open Meetings Acts: A guide for the public and public agencies