Office of Trafficking and Abuse Prevention & Prosecution

The Office of Trafficking and Abuse Prevention and Prosecution's mission is to prevent and protect Kentucky's children from becoming victims of abuse and sexual exploitation and to raise awareness of the prevalence of human trafficking across the state.

The office also administers the Kentucky Multidisciplinary Commission on Child Sexual Abuse, and through the Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Board the office administers the Child Victims Trust Fund, which provides statewide and regional grants to fund child abuse prevention programs and cover costs associated with child sexual abuse exams.

The office provides critical resources, including child abuse prevention trainings, prosecution assistance to law enforcement, policy development, and constituent services for any questions related to child sexual abuse or human trafficking prevention and prosecution.


Office of Trafficking  and Abuse Prevention and Prosecution
1024 Capital Center Drive, Suite 200
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Phone: 502-696-5320
Fax: 502-573-1009

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