Office of Senior Protection

​​​The Office of Senior Protection was established to protect senior citizens. The office is responsible for administering and offering a variety of services and training to equip senior Kentuckians, and collaborating senior stakeholders in protecting seniors against fraud, scams and financial exploitation.

Resources Provided by the Office of Senior Protection and Mediation:

Special Events and Programs:

  • Elder Abuse Awareness Commemoration
  • Elder Abuse Task Force
  • Scam Jam
  • Senior Summit


Office of Senior Protection
1024 Capital Center Drive, Suite 200
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Phone: 502-696-5300
Fax: 502-573-8319


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Senior Justice Initiative

During COVID-19, scams have surged, and Kentucky’s seniors have suffered significant financial harm due to these schemes.


Upcoming Events


Protecting Seniors from Scams Brochure​ (PDF)
Protecting Kentuckians from Fraud and Scams Brochure (PDF)