Office of the Prosecutors Advisory Council

​​​​​​​​​​The nine-member Prosecutors Advisory Council (PAC) consists of the Attorney General (chairperson), three Commonwealth's Attorneys, three County Attorneys and two citizen members. All members except the Attorney General are appointed by the Governor.

In association with the Office of the Attorney General, the Prosecutors Advisory Council:

  • Co-sponsors the annual Kentucky Prosecutors Conference, attended by more than 600 prosecutors and law enforcement officials;
  • Provides basic training courses for newly elected Commonwealth's and County Attorneys;
  • Sponsors the Kentucky Prosecutors Institute, a week-long trial skills course for new prosecutors;
  • Presides over the financial administration of the Unified Prosecutorial System, consisting of 177 Commonwealth's and County Attorneys and their employees; and
  • Oversees the preparation of the Child Sexual Abuse Prosecution Manual and the Data Collection Report.

Meeting Schedule

​​​​​​​​Unless otherwise noted, meetings will take place at 10:00 a.m. EST at the Office of the Attorney General East, 1024 Capital Center Drive, Frankfort.

​October 22, 2021 
​Skype Video-teleconference Regular Meeting 
​agenda   minutes​​
​December 10, 2021
​Skype Video-teleconference Regular Meeting 
agenda   minutes

​January 21, 2022  

agenda   minutes

​February 9, 2022
​Hilton Downtown Lexington 
agenda    minutes​​

​March 18, 2022
​​Special Meeting, OAG East Office, Conf. Rm A
agenda    minutes​​
​April 22, 2022 
​Regular In-Person Meeting 
agenda    minutes​​
​May 20, 2022
​Regular In-Person Meeting 
agenda    minutes
​June 17, 2022 
​Regular In-Person Meeting 
​agenda    minutes
​August 23, 2022 
10 a.m., ​Hyatt in Lexington 
​agenda​    minutes
​Sept. 23, 2022
​10 a.m. Special Meeting
​agenda    minutes
​October 21, 2022 
​Regular In-Person Meeting 
agenda     minutes
​December 9, 2022 
​​Regular In-Person Meeting 
agenda     minutes
​January 20, 2023
​Regular In-Person Meeting
​agenda    minutes
​February 8, 2023
​11 a.m. Hilton Downtown Lexington
agenda​     minutes​

March 24, 2023 ​​Special Meeting, OAG East, Conf. Rm A
agenda      minutes

​April 21, 2023
​Regular In-Person Meeting

​May 25, 2023
​​Special Meeting, OAG East, Conf. Rm A
June 23, 2023
​Regular In-Person Meeting
​October 20, 2023
Regular In-Person Meeting
​December 8, 2023
​Regular In-Person Meeting


Office of the Prosecutors Advisory Council
1024 Capital Center Drive, Suite 200
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Phone: 502-696-5500
Fax: 502-696-5532


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2018 Outstanding Prosecutor Awards

2020 Outstanding Prosecutor Awards

Council Members

Chairman — Hon. Daniel Cameron, Attorney General

Commonwealth's Attorney Representatives

  • Hon. Rob Sanders, 16th Judicial Circuit, Covington
  • Hon. Jackie Steele, 27th Judicial Circuit, London
  • Hon. Courtney Baxter, 12th Judicial Circuit, Crestwood
  • Hon. Brian Wright, 29th Judicial Circuit, Liberty 
  •  Hon. Carrie Ovey-Wiggins, 56th Judicial Circuit, Eddyville

County Attorney Representatives

  • Hon. Joe Ross, Logan County Attorney, Russellville
  • Hon. Martin Hatfield, Pulaski County Attorney, Somerset
  • Hon. John Estill, Mason County Attorney, Maysville
  • Hon. Stacy Tapke, Kenton County Attorney, Covington 
  • Hon. Jenny Oldham, Hardin County Attorney, Elizabethtown

Citizen Members

  • Lisa Foley, Richmond
  • Margaret Daniel, Frankfort